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Web Applications / Custom Programming

Why are web applications better?

In the past, software was written, compiled, and installed on all computers. Updates came in the form of patches that also needed to be pushed and installed on each computer. Today, most applications can be written to work in a web browser. Web applications offer a number of major advantages:
  • No software installation
    All that is required is a capable web browser.
  • Access from any device, anywhere!
    A web application can be accessed from any device that has an Internet connection and a web browser. That includes PCs, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Updates no longer need to be pushed to each client.
    Web applications are loaded each time the user visits the web site as if the software had never existed before.
  • Centralized Storage
    In most web applications the important data is stored in a single, secure location that is accessed by the server. A well written web application does not keep any important data on the client machine.
  • Better data security.
    Since none of the important data is stored on client machine, this means that a computer could be lost or stolen and the would-be theif gains nothing, nor is any of the important data actually lost.
  • Easier integration.
    Web applications are accessible via the Internet and are always available. An API (application program interface) can be written so that other applications can securely integrate with it.

Why YourTech?

  • Software made for you.
    In the past, software was designed by programmers who then had to train its users on how to use it. Many times, the software did not match with the workflow of its users. YourTech does things the opposite way. It listens closely to the needs of the users and then develops the software to match those needs. With YourTech, you can dictate how you want your software to work and feel, and then the software is designed around that.
  • Personalized support. Quick updates and fixes.
    YourTech works tirelessly to make sure the software it makes performs as expected and will quickly roll out new features and updates as requested.
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